Greg Rook

Head of Advisory – Art and Collectibles

Greg has spent the past 17 years working within the art world. As a successful practising artist he has exhibited internationally and has a unique perspective and access. Greg has also successfully developed and led Fine Art degree programmes for three UK universities and has spent the last seventeen years talking to people about art and their requirements and aspirations for it. He has become expert in assessing needs and identifying burgeoning talent. With an excellent network of current practitioners, curators and gallerists, he has been active in investigating and promoting the best current practice. Greg has his own art consulting company advising on creating and building collections of all sizes.

“There is such an enormous volume of mediocre and derivative art pushed at fairs and available from commercial galleries – art which is just as expensive as genuinely good art but which relies for its interest on a gimmick, or just the display of a little skill – that anybody who does not spend a lot of their time looking at art can be easily confused as to what will really reward years of looking and be a solid, and perhaps spectacular, investment.” Greg Rook – May 2017